Social Media Setup


Social Media is an important marketing tool for businesses in today's marketplace. With a strong social media presence you can:

  • Connect with your customers.  Social media allows you to get feedback on both a large scale and an individual basis, allowing you to understand their product and/or service needs.

  • Grow your market share. If you have a Social Media presence more customers are likely to find your business over one that doesn't.

  • Improve Customer Service. If you know how people feel about your product or service than you are able to make adjustments to make them happy.

But, how do you start?  Should you be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or all of the above?  Who is your target audience and which platform are they on most often?  How do you attract that audience once you decide on a platform?

Let Ann and her team help you set up social media platforms . We can help you decide the best social media platforms for your business, create each account and optimize the settings to help you capture the right audience.  

Our packages start at $200.

If you have a question or need more information you may reach me at 443-852-5274 or leave a message below and I will respond as soon as possible.