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Helping Small Businesses to Shine

Helping small businesses shine

Ann's Social Media & Marketing


A Passion for your business

NOT About Ann


Where businesses waste webspace to tell you all about the things you don't care about, such as where they went to school, when the business was founded, and how fast they have grown the business.


This page is more often for the business than it is for you.  It is usually little more than an opportunity for the business to run on about their accomplishments. But you are not here to read about what it was like to quit a job and start a new business or how long it took to find success.  


You are here to get help with your social media marketing.  You are here to build a community, create a brand and succeed in today's small business market.  You are here to build your business, not read about someone else's.


We are about YOU.  Your growth is our growth, because growth for you means happier life-long business relationships for us. We want to let our actions speak louder than our words and show you, rather than tell you, how we can help you grow.

We want to help you connect your business to your community through search engine optimization, social media and traditional marketing efforts, as well as event planning.  For more information on these services click here.


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Meeting Individual needs

What's In It For You?

You have a vision for your business, a set of core values and a plan you are carrying out on a daily basis.  You know your business better than anybody else. We want to be the exception.  We want to know your business just as well as you do. When we sit down with you for your initial consultation our goal is to listen.  We want to know what your goals are, how you want people to see your company and where you want to take your company in the next ten years.  We want to know what's in it for you. As we begin our relationship it is our goal to get to know your business so well that we come to you with ideas not just for marketing but for business growth in general.  In short, we are invested in your success.



Staring at $550
  • Manage Social Media

  • 7 posts a week

  • Create graphics and video with your photos


Starting at $800

  • Manage Social Media

  • 7 posts a week

  • Create graphics and videos with your photos

  • Manage customer reviews



Starting at $1100

  • Manage Social Media

  • 7 posts a week

  • Create graphics and videos with your photos

  • Manage customer reviews

  • Create 4 blog posts a month

  • Create 1 newsletter a month




Starting at $1500

  • Manage Social Media

  • 7 posts a week

  • Create graphics and videos with your photos

  • Manage customer reviews 

  • Create 4 blog posts

  • Create 1 newsletter a month

  • Manage website


Social media


If you are a sole proprietor or just starting out in your business, the idea of hiring a marketing firm can be daunting.  Still, you are not an expert on social media. You wouldn't even know how to begin and if you did do you really have the time to manage it yourself?  Join us for this 5 hour class to learn how to create and plan a monthly marketing plan and even better how to automate it so you only have to think it about it once a month.

Register for our hands on Social Media Seminar


use an automated system to create a publishing schedule


Learn to create graphics

Create monthly marketing goals


Find your fans

gain hands-on experience




Our Philosophy

Our customers' business is our business.  When you sit down with Ann for your first consultation you will notice the difference.  After just a few questions, she will inevitably slip into "we" and "our."  Her enthusiasm for small business is evident in that first meeting but it is as your relationship grows that you realize just how genuine her enthusiasm is.  It is not unusual for Ann to call a client out of the blue with a great idea for their business that has nothing to do with social media.  She calls because once your business is on on her radar, once you are her client, you are her responsibility.  When she says she helps small businesses grow, she means it.  

Ann's philosophy is that her growth is 100% dependent on her client's growth.  She is committed to both. 

“The secret of joy in work is contained in one word — excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.”

— Pearl Buck

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